Can middle school kids take online classes if so how and were and also how much does it cost?

Question:We live in kentucky

Yeah. Go to and see what they have to offer. I think they have Latin, Logic, Great Books (also called "Omnibus", years 1, 2, and 3), Physics, Biology, and Greek. I took Omnibus 1 last year, and it was great! I loved it even more than homeschooling. The teachers are really friendly, and the education is invaluable. The price is around $4-500 for each class. Trust me, it's worth it. As for the age, I'm not sure about all of them, but I know that for Omnibus, you must be 12 (7th grade) or older. Also, I'm starting Geometry with the Potter's School, ( but I haven't taken any classes yet, and so I can't recommend it yet. Good luck, and have fun!
you could google it... i live in Colorado and we have a state wide program called COVA. and its an on line k-12 school.. its all free and they will provide you with a computer there is a 24-hr teacher available for your student... i would see if Kentucky has one similar i know several other states do... so i would google "k-12 schools on line + Kentucky" or something like that.. i really hope this helps
Try finding a virtual school from these two websites.

They are online public schools, so they are free.
if you are looking for on line tutoring in math or science then do contact me by email. i provide on line tutoring for math and science.
price is $20 per hour for individual student and a rebate can me made depending on number of sessions or hours per week.
math /science tutoring can be organized for a class also cost for that is negotiable.
yes, and apply for college loans
of course any age can home school try awesome program hope its in your area and this program is free lessons computer everything you need teachers outings good luck

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