Home school?

Question:im trying to get my son home schooled.how do i do that

The State you live in dictates how you will go about your homeschool. Simply type your State name followed by homeschool laws in the google bar, you will find a lot of info so be patient on going thru it all. You can get a summary of the laws for your State at www.hsdla.org, but it is ONLY a summary.
Here are a few of the States that I am familiar with:
Florida---Letter of Intent (the rest is up to you)
Alabama--- Umbrella School or Church directed Homeschool
Virginia--- Letter of Intent, basic curriculum, Copy of GED or High School Diploma of parent/guardian
Penn(PA)---have to follow the age/grade curriculum of what the schools are doing.

The age/grade of your son along with his learning style will be your guide on teaching him. I do not advocate going out and spending money on a prepackaged curriculum for the simple reason that you can NOT guaruntee that it will work for your child (too hard,too easy, too much religion, not enough relgion,not interesting).
Do remember that field trips count as a school day. Do find a group whether it is via the internet or face to face. Do keep his work for 2-5 yrs. Do get Teacher Discount cards from the BookStore, Office Supply Store, etc, as they can help save you money. Most importantly do NOT allow people to scare you with the whole anti-social homeschool thing or make you believe that you are incapable of teaching or that your son can't get a Diploma or get into a good College...because they aren't, you can, he can and he will.

Good luck and welcome to the wonderful world of homeschooling.
The very first step is to learn the laws about home schooling in your state. I'll bet the local public school principal can point you in the right direction. They might not enjoy doing so, but they have that knowledge.
oh wow... you shud be a little smart. you shud be able to teach him everything he would learn in school, so first you should focus on that.
I would contact your county's superindent of schools. He would know what you need to do. I bet if you googled homeschooling in your state, you'll come up will all sorts of info. Then just decide on a curriculum and go for it. Good luck.
DON'T start with school principals or county schools. You only do that if you are legally required. Half the time principals don't even know anything and can give incorrect information! (I've seen it happen where I live on at least a few occasions.)

Start with looking up _homeschool laws [your state/province/wherever you live] . You can look at http://www.hslda.org and check, but they aren't always updated or fully accurate. Homeschool support groups are usually great places to learn about laws and also to make connections to get advice and support. Join one if you can.
First go to the Home School Legal Defense Association, click on your state and find out the laws regarding how to homeschool. Do NOT go first to the local superintendent or school secretary as many are misinformed about hsing laws in their states. Some states require notification, some testing, and a couple require nothing. Know your laws.

Next, make a plan for what you want to teach and how you want to do it. This is a big task and your plans will change as you go along, so stay open to discovering your son's learning style and your own teaching style. Do a Yahoo! search and you will discover a million resources.

Good luck!
well call the dept of education in your area to see if you can home school then if you can check www.k12.com to see if they are in your area also if you dont want a program go to your local library they have lots of books
That depends where you live. However you should not rely on your local school principal for information about home educating your son. Understand that they have a vested interest (money) in getting you to leave your son in school. Apparently it is not unusual for school principals to tell families that it is illegal for them to homeschool their children! Fact is:unless you're a family of German citizens living in Germany, it is almost certainly perfectly legal for you to home educate your son.
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I agree with the reccomendations to contact the HSLDA for state-specific regulations. In many states, you just have to file an intenet to homeschool with your local district, but check with HSLDA first. You do not need to be a member to access their site.

My son is in a local charter school that is 2 days at school (reinforcement of what he is learning at home and socialization) and 3 days at home (primary work in subject areas with cirriculum chosen by me), so we are not eligible for membership in the HSLDA. However, I think they are a great organization.

There are many things to consider. Cirriculum, finding local homeschooling groups for social interaction, scheduling (or not)...

I have a lot of experience around homeschooled kids. They are not poorly socialized. Sure, if you kept your son at home and refused to put forth the effort to take him to park days, events, extra-cirricular stuff, then he'd be terribly socialized. I don't know a single homeschooling family who keeps their kids at home all day, every day!

Those who complain that homeschooled children have no social skills are either not familiar with many homeschooled kids or have had a very bad, unusual experience with homeschooling. Much of the socialization children recieve at school is negative and not at all relevant to the real world.

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