How much to charge monthly for 1.5 hour home tuition?1 primary3 & 1 form3 student,teach malay&BM.?

Question:1 week once, 1.5 hour per week, 2 students (1 - primary3 and 1-form3), teaches english and BM.

Sounds like you're in M'sia, but I'll throw in my 2 cents worth. In S'pore a primary 3 student would probably pay $15-$20 per hour, while form 3 would cost somewhere around $30. I'll think it'll probably be 1.5-2 times that where you are, ignoring the exchange rate.
It really depends on your area and your training. It doesn't sound like you're in America by the terms you're using for grade level, so I have no idea what the currency or economy you're working with is. If you clarify, other posters from that region/country might be able to help more?

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