Best fruiting houseplant, if any, for science project?

Question:We've done tomatoes and herbs, avacadoes take years and years to fruit (if they ever will)...anyone grow food as houseplants with success? We'd like to hear about it.

If you like spouts, these are quick and easy to grow at home. You can grow sprouts from many different types of seeds to experiment with what the children like best. Alfalfa, raddish, bean, and wheat grass are only a few suggestions for starters. Alfalfa is actually an extremely healthy sprout since the alfalfa plant digs its roots extremely deep and retieves nutrients that most plants can't reach. The seed sprouts will still have plenty of nutrients from the parent plant. This could be the spring board for a wonderful health unit.

If you can plant seeds between a board and a sheet of glass or find a root-view container, consider growing onion or carrot in your home so that the children can view the root structure. This contraption can also be used to view the levels of the soil and how rocks and sand and plant materials aid in growth of plants and the water retention of the soil.
Most veggies are easy to do. My son is planning an organic garden for a botany project next spring, he's looking at doing some beans, peppers, tomatoes, and melons along with some herbs and flowers.

I have a friend who did a Victory Garden with her kids while studying WWII, she said that the beans, peppers, and tomatoes grew pretty quickly and ripened during their unit (a few months long).

Hope that helps - good luck!
I like the ornamental pepper plant myself. It is fun to watch it grow and very pretty and good to eat in the end. You can also do strawberries.

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