Doing internet school at home?

Question:I am considering doing internet school at home. MY mom says you do everything over the computer. Last year i did a Class on nova net and it went really fast, i herd about it becouse my sisters freind does it because she goes to gymnastics during school hours and stuff. But my reason for wanting to do it is because i have a hard time turning in work in class and stuff and doing homework, and i work way better on the computer. When i did nova net it was a go at your own pace so i finished that a month early. Could i have your opinoins on internet school. I would still have to go to the school for seminary. Well that is across the street. And i may take ceramics at the school. And go to lunch so i can see my freinds. Well what are your thoughts.

Okay, the person above me is wrong. American homeschoolers can take classes at public school, they are then regarded as part time students at the school. Kids in my state do it all the time, they still have to file as homeschoolers because they are not enrolled full time in school, but as long as they don't take more than 2 classes at a time its okay.

Aside from that your real question was Internet schooling. I think it "can" be good, but you have to make sure that you are really learning. If all you ever do is multiple choice, click on the correct answer stuff, how will you learn composition skills, which are vital for success in college? So it depends on the program, are there essays and research papers you have to submit? Are there lab sciences, you know, where you step away from your computer to dissect a frog or do a chemistry experiment? You need to check into all of that to be sure you are getting a quality education.
I think it's ok
I don't know what country you are in but in America public schools won't let you be homeschooled and go to school, so you wouldn't be able to take ceramics or anything at the school. I think internet school is great, as long as you are self motivated enough.

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