How can i convince my dad to let me go to public school?

Question:My moms okay with it my dads not! my mom can't afford private but my dad thinks we can.. HELP!

I bugged and bugged my parents, then realized how immature I was being, and stopped, and then they let me go to school.
Just talk to them, but understand that it is their decision in the end.
I dont know who is the boss in your house.It sounds like you have to abide by your dads wishes. The only thing you can do is to tell him how you feel.Maybe your dad wants to give you opportunities which you sometimes cant get at a public school and that he wants the best education for his daughter.
If the choice is between public school and private school, why is this in the homeschool section?
I don't know.
I've been going to the same private school since I was in diapers.
I've tried convincing dad to let me go to a public magnet school.
But he thinks I'll get shot or something. He also believes that my private school education is better than any education that the louisiana public school system offers. This last bit is true for the most part, excluding this certain magnet school. It offers more courses and raises the bar higher and all that good stuff.
He can't understand this, I suppose.
I've pretty much given up. I graduate in a year. Whatever.
Even so, if you do find a way, do tell.
Wait a second here... It sounds like you live with your mom since you said your mom can't afford it. I'm going to go on the assumption that your parents are split up. If you were to go to private school and your dad, living elsewhere, has a say in it, he should be footing half the bill. In the event that your mother can't pay half, then no law would force her to send you to a private school just because your dad wants to. He would have to foot the entire bill and your mom would have to be okay with it. Furthermore, in your mom's custody, I don't think there's anything he can to do stop you from going to public school.

Now, if it's just your wording that's off and your parents are together, I'm sure your dad is able to determine if your parents can afford it. He may be willing to make certain cuts your mom doesn't think are good.

Stop getting in the middle of something that is really between your parents.

ADDED: If your dad wants you to go to a private school and your mom can't afford it, then your dad is going to have to foot the bill. He can't make your mom pay for something he wants. This really isn't your problem: your dad is an adult and he's either going to have to pay up or accept the decision that you go to public school.
I have an e-friend in the US, his parents send him to private school because they fear for his safety if he were to go to public school.

How do you convince your dad? That depends on your dad and your relationship with him. You could try doing some research into the options and showing him some cold, hard facts to back up your position rather than you just telling him you want to go to public school because your mates go there, you think it'd be cool etc etc.

Oh and if your dad insists on sending you to private school when your parents can't afford it, I reckon that is something you don't ned to worry about. It will become obvious to your dad pretty quickly once you start private school and, if true, he'll have no option but to remove you. Maybe he just needs for you to give it a go before the harsh reality will set in for him.

PS Given that your dad let you go to public school last year, I'd look at what has happened since then to make him change his mind about its suitability for you. Do you know if he thought you were picking up bad habits from the other kids at public school or that he wasn't happy with the school's attitudes or values or teaching? I think you really need to work on reassuring him r.e. whatever has changed his mind about you going to public school between last year and this if you're to get him to understand your pov.
There are a lot of things happening in Public School that you would be better off without. You would probably get a better education in a Private school, you would most likely be safer, and better supervised.

Why do you want to go to Public School?

Is it because you have friends that go to Public School? If so, you'll make friends in Private School too.

Ultimately though, this is for your parents to decide. Your mom and dad have to come to an agreement and figure out what is affordable and what is not.

Since this is the homeschooling section I want to ask, "Have you or your parents considered homeschool?"
You don't say what grade you are in.

Public schools are a prison. A lot depending on where you are, of course. With all the school shootings they are using metal detectors. There are no lockers, you have to back pack it. Lousey lunch food at high prices. A Girl's and Boy's VP yelling at you to get off the table, get off the wall, stay inside the white line.

PE even in the cold. Showers with wet hair even in the cold.

Impresonal classrooms 10 minutes between class rooms to get to them. Tardies get you into trouble. You miss too many days you have to take the year over in some schools.

If you have a question half the time the answer is "ASK THE PERSON NEXT TO YOU."

Homework up the kazoo. Math homework can easily amount to 3 or more pages and if you don't do the homework you get dropped a grade or two in the class.

There ARE some advatanges at some schools. Nice lab equipment for Chemistry and Physics. Shops with real world state of the art things like industrial drill presses. Music and Drama.

It's doubtful you stay friends with more than 2 or 3 people as at the end they all go off to the workforce or college.

You'll bump into them now and then, but most of the friends you make and keep for life are outside of school, local area friends, friends from churches and group activities like softball or soccer.

Highschool covers a large area and friends you make could live as much as 2-3 miles from you in opposite directions and you'll rarely see each other outside of school.

Highschool also does give a diploma if you complete the courses.

That's another advantage.

You'll be carrying 4-7 books, have to have a different notebook for each class, various folders.

You have come prepaired.
Try to get an appointments to check out the local public school.

You'll get to see first hand how it trully is.

Mind you, not all schools are good.

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