Homeschool what do you think about it!?

Question:I am homeschooled and it is super cool! Sometimes I like it other times I hate it but I now my mom is doing the right thing by homeschooling me because the schools by me are horrible. What do you think! If you like it why if you disagree with it why!

I like it. I like teaching and helping my son learn. My son likes it because he can learn in his own style and at his own pace. We have the freedom to learn what we want to learn.
I disagree with comments about parents not being able to teach what they do not know. I have learned much along with my son. I have learned much in order to teach my son. I have even learned things from my son.
Education is never ending. Students, whether in public school, private school or at home, should never quit learning. Teachers should always be students, studying to learn more.
I love it, and think it's an excellent, rich, well rounded eduction when done well.
homeschool kids are really smart and ahead of everyone else for the most part, but i think they sometimes miss out on the social activities that school offers. academically, they don't have an honor roll, or honor societies, or other clubs that schools offer. i think homeschooling is good though, b/c a lot of schools aren't teaching kids anymore. do whatever works for you!
Cause i miss my friends
i dont really hang out with them as much
It depends. Some people (parents) don't have the skills or knowledge to give their child a rich and rounded education. Also there is the social issue. When children aren't interacting with others they will be lost when they are placed in the real world.
I think homeschooling can be great or horrible, depending on how the parents go about it.

The majority of homeschooling parents I know are great parents and teachers and the kids are happy homeschooling.
I rally don't think that it matters if the school is horrible. It is your education if you want to learn and be successful, then you will no matter how bad the schools in your area are. Also, I know some people who are in or graduated from great (and I mean great. these schools are rated some of the best in the country) but they never learned to think for themselves nor did they get an education, all because they didn't care.

I am a huge proponent of public school because it is a GREAT social experience and it teaches kids how and when to fend for themselves, while also teaching them that it is okay to ask for help when they need it.

I have been in public school my whole life and am very thankful for that and the person that it has made me. It taught me to accept other people who are different from me and to try new things.

Also, I know quite a few people who are home schooled and it has truly warped them. They know nothing about life or how to deal with things on their own. Their moms take care of everything for them and protect them from EVERYTHING. (and i mean everything... they have only seen a Cigarette lighter once in their life and have never even heard of myspace.. they don't even let their kids go 20 miles away without them. It's very sad. Almost disturbing.)
I'm the exact same way. I love it most days but some days I want to go back to public school.
It was my choice to be homeschooled for two years. I started in Junior High at the public school but I absolutely hated it!! My mom let me be homeschooled for Junior High but I have to go back in High School.
I think overall it was a good choice.
it is wonderful if you do it the right way otherwise kids can be lazy and they dont try hard sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt you have to be special to home school it is not for everyone
There is more clout with a high school dipoma than with a GED. Both are accepted in college. If the parents are educated, then I believe that home-schooling is fine. But if the parent is not educated, how can you teach that which you do not know.
May God bless you.
i think home schooling is not good since it hides kids from the real world and when/if they go to high school and college they will not have a clue how to open a lock or will not know what is cool and whats not or how cliques go and that kind of stuff...
I like it in my case, because I would be bored out of my mind in school. I've thought about going back to school, but have decided against it. I'd either go in to a hell I wouldn't wish on anyone, or I bust my *** for a year to get in to a high-pressure school that would be unchallenging but kill me with the workload.

I'm only opposed to it when you're in, say, a really rural area, where school is the only real social opportunity, or something like that. In that case, I think that even though the schools might not be that great. you'd be doing the kid(s) a disservice. However, in an urban area it's definitely great. Suburbs are a little tricky because everything depends on having a parent available to drive until the kids turn 15 or 16, but it's certainly not impossible and can work well.

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