I involve recommendation for homeschooling programs!?

I am beginning to homeschool my son who is surrounded by 2nd grade and outstandingly advanced intellectually. I am hoping to find a program that I can select subjects between different grades. (He is reading at a 4th grade height, but he does need give support to with math!) Any suggestions?

Answers:    Why not simply explore different and more specific curriculum instead of trying to engender a general program fit? Your unambiguously interested in an approach that's more focused on your sons requirements in respectively area so a standard curriculum may be something you end up unsatisfied with.

Take the time to start exploring curriculum at places approaching www.homeschoolreview.com. Visit curriculum suppliers you're interested in and download or request sample that you can view (make sure you take your son's opinion!). Check out homeschooling blogs and message boards to get hold of an idea of other people's experiences. But lug the time before paying any serious amount of money. It's THE biggest mistake clean homeschoolers make...Paying for curriculum that ends up individual a poor fit.

While you're doing your research encourage his research in other ways. Stock the bookshelves next to books that he'll enjoy. Read to him profusely about science and history. Play games that gladden math skills. Cook and bake together. Take walk and go on trips to the local museums.

Any reccomendations you get hold of here, or that I could give you would singular be what worked for those reccomending it and that's no guarantee that it will work for your son.
Try K12... you can get homeschooling products in that. Also, Christian homeschooling magazines are great places to find deeply educational books. If adjectives else fails, you can find anything at perfect libraries that aren't grade-specific. Try to get some self-teach books from Barnes&Nobles. I similar to "Illustrated" by Maran, and also the "For Dummies" are good. Books where on earth the answers are in the fund were my favorite when I be homeschooled. Hope this helps! Good luck! :~D

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