Anything better than the DIVE cd's for saxon?

Question:Is there anything with more thorough teaching than the DIVE cds for saxon?

My son is using Teaching Textbooks for Algebra I and loving it! Every lesson is worked through step-by-step. So is every problem on the solutions CD-rom. It's like having a private tutor for math!
One of my friends used Saxon with her 3 kids, but her youngest son kept having problems understanding certain things. She said after much prayer, she discovered the Math-U-See Curriculum, and it really worked for him. It is supposed to be a very "hands on" curriculum. Here is a link for it ...
Not that I've seen. The only thing that Saxon offers is the solution manuals; if they make sense to you, that's a good way to go, but the DIVE cd's are the best thing that I've seen for Saxon.

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