Has anyone used exploring world history by Notgrass publishing?

Question:I am looking for a good high school history program to use with my daughter... if you have used this or could reccommend another ..she is 14 and used Story of the world last year volume 4

You may try Streams of Civilization, it is two books, that she can either do in one, or two years.
Each book has other reading recommendations, or you can read additional books on the time periods.
I thought it covered Ancients to the present very well, with extra optional projects, however it did not appeal to our teen; she thought it to be to dry.
I am saving it for the next one since he does like it.

Other than that, the only recommendation I have is to study the time periods that interest her since she has already done all of them before, and just read good historical fiction books, and watch documentaries, and movies.
Susan Wise Bauer (author of SOTW) just released her first high school level volume, _The History of the Ancient World_. It's available from Amazon for $19.77

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