Do anyone know about any website for children in kindergarten or !st grade that has actual stories for them?

Question:Im looking for a website that my daughter can read books on that are free. not anything to buy but just to read. let me know if you do please.

there are tons of books listed here in its links:
Tumblebooks is a great resource that many public libraries subscribe to, and you can use. It has picture books and reads the stories to the child. They are real picture books, stories you may know, not homemade things. To find it, do a search on 'tumblebooks' and choose any result that looks like it's run by a public library. Do *not* click on, it won't work!
This website has some stories for various reading levels as well as some games:
I don't know any websites, but we get almost all of our books from the library. There's just something about a book in the hand (is worth two on the screen! hehe!) Our local library also has agreements with many of the other libraries around us to loan books to borrowers outside their service areas.
I am happy to recommend this link to you and I am sure that you will find it ideal for your needs.

Alphabet Books, Stories and Poems

Here is the home page, I think you will be impressed with the resources and they are FREE.

Here are some others that may prove useful to you.
Preschool and Kindergarten Links

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