Help! Urgent Homeschool Question.?

Question:I am going back to school, I am getting my two year degree in graphics and advertising at the local community college.
Here is the problem, They want a high school transcript.
Mom says she can whip up something "homemade" but will that be acceptable? The registrars office said something about requesting it from the state? Help!

Contact the registrar's office again and ask them what they do in this situation. They deal with this kind of stuff all the time, so don't be afraid to ask.
They wont anything except a sealed and stamped official transcript from a high school or GED program. Since you were homeschooled, you should have had to pass a test from the state in order to graduate. You will need to contact the state in order to get the appropriate paperwork sent over to the CC.
Considering there are an estimated 2.5 million homeschool students in the US alone, parent generated transcripts are becoming more and more accepted. The person in the registrar's office probably just assumed you went to publicschool, so the advice to contact the school again and ask what they require is the best.
it depends on what state you are in what the requirements they want are, I would contact your local state office of HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association), you can look up their information on HSLDA is used to these types of questions and can help you get the issue resolved as soon as possible. Hope this helps!
The transcript your mom makes is fine; if it can get you into Ivy League (plenty of homeschoolers go there), it will be fine at the community college :-) They probably just assumed you went to public school.

There are several software programs that will print out a very professional and legitimate transcript. No need to worry :-)
You need to ask the registrar what they do in case of homeschoolers. Your parents can legally write a transcript, here's an example.
It is important to make sure that the school accepts homeschool transcripts, and get your acceptance in writing.

Good luck with school, it sounds like you've picked something fun to study.
Does the registrar's office know that you are homeschooled? If your state is like my state, they do not have a record of transcript.
Yes, your mom's transcript should be acceptable. They will give you a placement test that will tell them what they need to know. That's the reason that I constantly say, an education is more important than a diploma. Whether you go to public, private or home school, your education will be tested before you are accepted into college.
hi, i homeschooled for 10 years and 5 kids no you cant just whip up a deploma they check and homeschoolers have to be enrolled in a ''umbrella'' school that is registerd with the state, they keep track of grades and the deploma has their stamp on it provided you have met all credit requirements. cher
Depending on your state, mom may be exactly right. As a homeschool mom in our state, when my kids "graduate" I can create a transcript for them and issue a diploma, too (we're considered private schools). Does the community college know you were homeschooled? And did you ever ("officially" or unofficially) graduate from homeschool? They may ask you to take a placement test to verify that you have the background necessary for their classes.

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