Does anyone know of any good vocabulary or math games for homeschoolers?

Question:7th grade level. All the ones I find are for younger kids. I'm particularly interested in any ideas of games I could make at home, or board games or software that I can buy, I don't want online games. Thanks!

I used to have a great computer programme called "I Love Maths"" and "I Love English!". They were made by Dorling Kindersley. They had lots of different activities related to maths and english questions and puzzles to do with calculations. You had to unlock different levels etc and visit different areas.

I'm not sure what age they were for but i remember questions on fractions and decimals etc so i think thats probably about the right age?

He's a link to the amazon page.

P.S i'm english so i don't know if their available in the US (where i am assuming you are from) but they may have a different version although i'm sure the english version is just as good.
Crossword puzzles and Sudoku, to start.
I use both these sites regularly, and have had great service.

For computer software (free), pay only shipping.

For board games, and others go to:

For math we use smath for 5Th grade and up; it is like scrabble but for math, you can go from simple equasions to upper math.
For vocabulary believe it or not two great games are Blurt, and Apples to Apples.
Each requires the children to understand the mulitple meanings of a word.

The best one is Bethump'd with words, most catagories will cover the equivalent of a college entry level course, there are junior versions of the game, and also a history version.
The games site I gave you has these as well.
The original site is:

Good luck.

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