Homeschooling!! help please.?

Question:well im going back to public school this year[freshmen in highschool] and i didnt finish the last packet of homeschooling work because i still havent gotten it yet and there is only 4 days left till
school out here starts. so my question is could i get into highschool missing the last packet of work or no?

sorry if this doesnt make sense but please.

You would be best to ask a teacher or principal at your new school that question. That way you could get a direct answer and not guesses.

Good luck in school! :Corbyn
well, i dont know what program you use. It sounds like you use a mail in program. They should let you but you should check with them today to make shure.
No it isn't gonna matter. There are no regulations for how much you need to be doing at so and so time. Just go to school with the records you have.
You'll do fine :-) Schools don't often finish their curriculum by the end of the year, it's not a problem. Good luck!
It won't matter. The grade you are going in to will most generally start out below your level to review what they did last year, and they probably didn't finish their last bit of work either. You'll do just fine.
Of course, unless it's highly regulated.

The schools don't usually finish the whole book per year, so you don't have to either.
It won't matter that you don't have that last packet - but I wouldn't mention it to the school.
they test you to find out what level you are at call and ask
You probably have more knowledge than 90% of the kids there. I wouldn't worry.
If school starts in four days, I have to assume you are already enrolled, so I would say you don't need to worry about the last packet.

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