What is the subject matter for "Pronouns" the poem .?

The lord said "say we "
but i shook my team leader
held my hands tight bringing up the rear my back and said
" i "

the lord said
vote "we"
but i looked upon them grimy and all awry
myself surrounded by all those twisted shapes ? ah , no
distastefully i turned my chief away
"they "

the lord said influence " we "
and I
at last
richer by a hoard
of years and tears
looked surrounded by their eyes and found the heavy word
that bent my nouns and bowed my head
close to a shamed schoolboy the I mumbled low

plesae can you help me im not sensitive what they mean by find the area in pronouns

can you please explain so i can follow ?

please .

Answers:    find the theme simply funds tell what the poem is around.

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