Can you do homeschool over the summer to go up grades?

Question:because my friend failed 2 times
so hes in the 8th grade this year when actually hes sposed to be in the 10th

and i had an idea that if he did homeschool like during the summer he could catch back up with it and graduate at the age hes sposed to

but i need to know if it would work ? ? ?

hes not dumb or anything actually hes REALLY smart
he just got way to sidetracked during school

It depends on what state he is in and what the district policies are and how much time, effort and money he is willing to put in to it to achieve this.
To find out what works in your state, he would have to contact his ISD to find out what the admissions policies are for that school. The easiest way is to go to the State education agency website and look for "admissions policies for homeschool students"
This will tell him what type of homeschool transcript they will accept.
Here's how it works in my ISD:
The state leaves admissions policies up to each individual ISD within the state. My hometown ISD will not accept parent generated transcript. They will only accept transcripts that are accredited and approved by the State Education Agency. there are two that I know of.
So, if your friend lived in my ISD, he would have to enroll in one of these two distance schools, take six credits per "year" pass with a 70, then provide the school with a transcript.
To complete all six credits required for advancement at our highschool would be very intense to complete over the summer, but for a bright, motivated student, I guess you could do it.
Another option would be to leave the school and be homeschooled through an approved program that will transfer back in to the publicschool and make up the lost time then return for senior year.
So, encourage your friend to look in to it. He will need the specific admissions policy for his ISD. If his school will accept parent generated transcripts then his parents could choose a curriculum and start knocking it out. But if his district is as strict as mine, he would need to be enrolled in a particular program, and most of the time they will not allow dual enrollment, meaning he could not go to the public school during the day, then work on the distance program at night.
Another option would be to have his parents talk to the couselors at his school and find out how he can make up time, but it would be difficult. Some districts only allow a student to take a certain number of credits in summer school, not nearly enough to make up a full year. Once he passes this year and gets in to the high school he can start making up time by choosing his electives wisely and taking as many credits during summer school as possible.
Well, if he is homeschooled then yes.

If you are asking if he can do work at home over the summer to catch up and go back to public school, then the answer is maybe. It will be up to the school whether or not to accept the work he did over the summer and give him credits for it. Some schools would not even consider it, some might accept it willingly, and some might ask for a placement test to see if he really has learned what he needs to go on to the next grade. If he is in Public school, then summer school might be an option. He will have to get approval from the school on any credits he earns outside the system, so he should check beforehand so he doesn't waste effort. One on-line site the school might approve credits from is

Of course if he's really homeschooled (not public school or public school at home) then he can just do school over summers, and on Saturdays, and try to do an extra lesson or two during the week, and he should be caught up soon.
i don't see why not, but he may need to homeschool for a year too, to prove to the school that he should re-enter at his appropriate grade.
Not likely. The schools are not going to recognize summer homeschooling as a full year, much less two years, of work being done. Not to mention that he can't legally register or whatever as a homeschooler for just the summer months, so it wouldn't have any legal basis to be recognized.

A better plan would be for him to attend as many summer school courses as he can, then take Saturday and/or evening classes during the school year and/or see if correspondence (he should check with the school about this) is available. He may not be able to catch up by 2 years that way, but he should be able knock off a year.
If you are homeschooled you can do work anytime you want- during the day, night, in the middle of the night, on weekends, or during vacation. It really doesn't matter as long as you are learning.

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