Can I home school other people's children?

Homeschooling laws differ from state to state. In my state (NE) there are no special qualifications for a parent to homeschool their children, but if we hire someone, that person would have to meet certain requirements. HSLDA has links to the laws in every state, not to mention answers to just about any question you could possibly have about homeschooling.
That depends on where you live. It's illegal in my state without a license. Check out I'm sure you find the information you need, if not you can call and ask or send an e-mail.
Depends on the state. One of my state's requirements is that the parent/guardian must be the main homeschooler.
Depends on the indiviual state law. Generally you have to be a close blood relative.

In almost any event, Teacher, Teaching, School are restricted terms only legal to use when you meet state qulifications and have a license, certficate or reigstration valid in the state.

Tutor is not a restricted name.

Lessons may not be restricted either.

So Music store that offer Guitar Lessons may not be breaking the law or the state doesn't push the matter so long as the person doing it knows how to play guitar.

Understand how the system works. This woman who worked at the Court Clerks offer for 30 years handing out forms, checking them for accuracy, dealing with Judges and LAwyers, retired and opened up shop dispensing forms and telling people how to fill them out and SHE WAS AN EXPERT.

That State Bar got her closed down becasue she was not a lawyer, not a lawyer's service nor a Para Legal working under a lawyer.
My husband and I had neighbors asking if we could teach their kids, and we couldn't because we were not the parents of the students.

Too many regulations would have had to be in place for us to teach children who were not under our legal guardianship.

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