Can you tell me where to get free prep homeschooling curriculum from?

Question:I would like to finish my childs prep year of only a few months to go with homeschooling. So I would like material

Do you mean for the new programme they've started in Qld?
If so, you could check out: 'A+ Ed, From Prep To Uni'

Contact Details:
A+ Ed, From Prep to Uni
Bribie Island QLD

Alternatively you could try checking out any of the home educating resources on:

Or on the hea (home education australia) website in general:

My only other suggestion'd be that you try contacting your local SOTA/SDE. They *may* allow your son to homeschool through them as a private student, assuming that he doesn't qualify for govt funding as an 'isolated child' (depending on your reasons for wanting to home educate him, he may not need to be geographically isolated to qualify)
I did a search online and it sounds like you must be in Australia.

Since homeschooling isn't huge in Australia AND this is fairly new, you won't find anything 'pre-packaged' out there. You can look at what kids who attend school for their prep year do by looking at information on this site . Basically, you'll need to work on literacy and number skills.

Some free things are available here . There are also some other useful links for you on that page.

Other than that, search for 'preschool worksheets' or 'kindergarten worksheets' online and you'll probably come up with some things you can print off.
I hope this site helps.

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