Can Homeschoolers Play High School Baseball?

Almost every state allows a homeschool student to participate on the team within the local boundary of the school in which they reside. We have lived in many states and currently participate with a team that has won many National Championships. To find out specific rules for the state you live in, go to which is the premier legal defense organization in the US. I have referenced the link below to "Participation of Homeschooled Students in Public School Activities".
Contrary to what "Roger" (above) thinks, many, if not most, states still separate homeschool from public school and don't allow homeschoolers ANY participation in public school activities (extracurricular or otherwise). The best place to get accurate information on what is available locally for homeschoolers is to ask a local homeschool organization or support group.

In some states/areas, private schools are allowing homeschoolers to take part in both classroom and extracurricular activities on an a-la-carte basis. This might be an option for you.
Some high schools will let homeschoolers join a team. It depends on the school.
completely depends on the state. In my state it does not happen at all. But, homeschool sports leagues are very big and most compete with private schools. The amount of time homeschool families can actually give to these leagues makes them very competitive.
You have to see what your state's policy is on this subject
I know in wisconsin my son can not play any high school
I know in MI that it is very difficult for home-schooled kids to be allowed to participate--you must be enrolled for at least 2 classes--at least in my district.

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