Home schooling in the uk?

Question:i want to home school my primary school children. can you advise where to start. are you given national curriculum worksheets from local councils. i feel more than able to do the teaching but am not in a position to spend a fortune on books etc, any help welcome

Hi also home educate my son age 8years and have been doing so since last July.The way the councils or local eductaion authority look at it, is that you the parent have elected to home educate your children so very rare will they provide you with such type of help.

Home education is so flexable and you do not have to follow any of the national curriculum whatsoever.
Make good use of your local libraries and the internet is a wealth of knowledge.There are so many sites that have loads of printable work sheets in a huge variety of subjects,we use them all the time, the bbc website has really information.

Remember learning does not always have to be sat down at a table ,learning is all around you, we visit parks ,take sketch books,pick leaves and make collages and then go onto the internet to find out their proper names.

Listen to what your childrens interests are or hobbies and do lots of learning through these.Interests mean they can read and write aboout them,research and us ethe computer at the same time all which are providing great learning skills with out them thinking they are really doing hard " school work".
My son loves this style of teaching and has improved so much since coming out of school,where could you get near one to one teaching without having to pay a absolute fortune.No timetables ,every day is so different.

We do not have tons of money,bu have provided him with the education he deserves which unfortunately he never got from my local education authority.It can be hard work and time consuming,but so rewarding.
We joined eductaion otherwise which only costs £14.00 a year for people struggling with money.These are great when you are looking for all the inportant info when just starting out in home education.
They give you loads on socialising, the legal matters, socialising issues and even have groups that have other home educated families.
Hope this has helped and wish you all the best ,we are so sorry that we never did it sooner.
Good luck to you and your children.
It is not difficult, you have to notify your local education authority, they will eventually send round someone from education welfare, to check you have 'suitable premises' . They will check peroidically that you are teaching appropriate stuff. There is an organisation called Education Otherwise that can give you help and advise.
My friend used to homeschool and she recommended this to me: http://www.education-otherwise.org/...

God luck!
No, you won't be given National Curriculum worksheets as homeschoolers are not obliged to follow the National Curriculum.

Check out Education Otherwise (www.education-otherwise.org.u...
home schooling has its benefits but missing out on a diverse culture of people and the stress from school can prepare your child for life better than a fixed spectrum from home and localised friends could it be better to assist with homework or times table recitation. then you know how your child is progressing and the Sunday times has a good section at the minuet on education. or you could just face the fact that education is quite expensive and buy education books which give a good rundown of what is needed in English math and science
Don't - you payed the taxes get the school to do it's job.


























Good luck,
NO, YOU DON'T NEED to buy loads of stuff, and the council don't give you worksheets. have a look at these sites...they were really useful to me when i started home ed for mine,
www.sandraDodd also www.education_otherwise.org
and just generally type in wwwhomeschooling..
theres a yahoo chat/support group too if you want to let your kids take control of their own learning.yahoo groups AEUK
LOOK also at www.joyfullyrejoycing...lots of styles there, and also www.jons homeschooling page...good luck.
You could ask and explain about why you are doing it.
I have been home educating for 7 years and it's the best and most rewarding thing I have ever done.

You do not have to tell your LEA that you are withdrawing your children - that's up to their school's head teacher. The LEA don't supply worksheets but you can buy some very good books in your local store or I'm sure there's a lot online (although I don't really use the net to teach as I have a set curriculum).

Your children do not have to do SATs nor GCSEs, but you are bound by law to give them a full-time education.

It can be expensive but the benefits are worth it and anyone who tells you they will not be prepared for the 'real world' do not know what they are talking about. Where in society when a child leaves formal education do they spend 6+ hours incarcerated in a room with people their own age? The majority of people are born into a family situation and will go through life in a family situation - families offer security and love etc, something schools can never do!

Don't be put off by other people's comments - if you feel you are doing the correct thing - go for it! :) It is rewarding and I can assure you your children will develop better social skills and communication skills than any child taught in a school! They also have better opportunities to do other activities e.g. my sons go kayaking and do archery, I'm hoping to teach them Latin and just think when you do history with them - you can take them on a real life field trip to e.g. Rome or Greece etc! :)

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