Any body that is being homeschool is it better than being at a school?

I wish I was homeschooled. I disagree with Sarah M. Our children were homeschooled and were definitely not shy. I was shy and went to the public school. It didn't help me. I am part of a homeschooling group and have been for many years. I don't know of any of the children in this group that are shy. In fact, they have tested homeschooled children and found them to rate higher in socialization than public school students. If you want it, Bob Jones Press has done a test on socialization of homeschooled children. It's probably available online if you want to do a search. Our children were very glad to be homeschooled. They did well academically and socially. Neither wanted to go back to the public school after being homeschooled.
At homeschool, I learned how to write proper english.
people who are homeschooled dont know how to interact with people. it has been proven that they are mostly shy.
Each person is going to have a different opinion on it based on their own personality and how their homeschooling experience vs their school experience has been.

I know some homeschooled teens who used to be in public school. One has no desire to ever be in public school again; she's quite happy determining her own schedule, taking her time if she needs it, having more time to do other things. She's also an introvert so doesn't need to be around a ton of people all day long, but is involved in plenty of extra-curricular stuff, so it's not like she never does things with other teens. She's just not a teen for whom school has any appeal.

I know another teen, a boy, who was in public school and really enjoys homeschooling but wants to go to high school once he's that age. He's a very social kid plus wants to do some computer courses and a robotics course for credit, something he couldn't do at home due to the required materials and how we obtain official credits here. He knows that he'll have a little less freedom, but for him, what school can offer him for high school is outweighing staying in homeschooling. If you ask him if he thinks he shouldn't have homeschooled at all, he'd tell you that he wishes he'd started homeschooling earlier.
Of course homeschooling is better than being stuck in a school for 7 hours. I spend 1-3 hours doing school work and then I get out of the house the rest of the day. You'll be suprized on how much work you can get done in as little as 3 hours. You spend 7 hours in a school and get home mid-afternoon to do 3 extra hours of homework. When do you go out on the weekdays?! UGH! I think it would suck if I couldn't get out on the weekdays.
heck yea!!
I am unschooled, and I LOVE it. I hate public school and wouldn't go back if you paid me.
I loved being home schooled. I just came from regular school and back to home schooling again so I can go to college early. I think that it is so much better then school.

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