Have you or someone you know attended an online school?

Question:I am looking for an online k-12 school for my children for the state of North Carolina. I would like some good solid recommendations as well as one that are free. Not some fly by night, but some that are reputable. Thank you

What grades are you looking for?

It doesn't appear that NC has online public schools...unless they are in the works.

K12 has their virtual schools in other states, and Calvert has Connections Academy - neither of which are in NC. They are usually the first two online charter schools in each state. Online public charter schools are the only way to get an online education "free" (you still pay your property taxes).


For high school, there are other options. I won't post them here, unless you edit to say you need high school suggestions.

K12 is an online *curriculum* (not a school unless it's a virtual school) that you can purchase on your own. The lessons are mostly delivered online, with online planning and progress tools. However, this is *not* a "sit your child at the computer and let it do the teaching" thing. You still have to be the parent/teacher, especially in the elementary years. Even with the virtual schools having a teacher oversee the students, they do not do the teaching.

We're starting our fifth year with K12. There are a LOT of K12'ers in NC. I attended a K12 Expo there two years ago in Raleigh. The triangle area has a busy K12 group. There is NC K12 Yahoo Group.
There's North Carolina Virtual Public School


But I think it's only for high school.

Some places I believe that have some sort of an online program are A Beka, Alpha Omega, forgot the other one I thought of. You could try doing a search for "homeschool academy" as many of the online schools seem to be called "academy".
This past year, I did Ablaze Academy. It's an online, private school based in St. Mary's, Georgia. It is a bit on the pricey side (I believe it's slightly more than $250 per month). I enjoyed it for the first semester, but I got tired of finding their typos and other mistakes.

If your state has a virtual school, which is essentially an online public school, that should be free.

As an alternative to online schools, Abeka Academy (based in Pensacola, Florida) has a video/dvd program. http://www.abekaacademy.org/academicprog...
please seeon google
Maybe I'm just old school, but I thought your question was, ummm weird, out of the ordinary, something I would not only not search out but would never have my child do. Children should be schooled either in the public, private or parochial schools or home schooled. No schooling is free. Not all things on the net are reputable. Iven college education on the net isn't approved by all employers simply because it's made up of reading on your own and testing (which you can get around). The classroom where others give input and teachers stand behind you and teach you is the best bet. You're leading with your chin if you choose an online school..

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