Any ideas to make grammar review more fun?

Question:We're going to spend quite a bit of time on the writing process this year, but first I want to spend a couple of weeks on reviewing basic parts of speech, like nouns, adjectives, etc. I have a Houghton Mifflin English book, but the exercises are so dry. I hate to assign a page in the book for my son as homework. How can I make grammar more interesting and fun so he'll want to learn it? Thanks!

Try the School House Rock DVD. Your library most likely has it, if not, it's well worth the purchase! It contains all the songs ever made, plus a new one, and lots and lots of bonus features.

I just did a 'net search for "online grammar review" and found a lot. Without knowing your son's grade, it's hard to recommend a certain site we've used.
HS Mom has a good idea, those DVDs are a bit different, and faced paced.
My kids did not like them, but others I know have recommended them to us previously too.

Grammar unfortunately is dry, and just like basic math facts it is repetition, and memorization.
Diagramming sentences, although many will tell you that it is no longer needed is also a must.

If you are going to spend a lot of time in writing, I would say look into the Write Shop program, it is in two parts a blue and a red binder.
The program can be used in two, or four years.
It can be adjusted to your own pace and will cover most everything.
I would start with the blue binder no matter what grade level the child is in.

Basic grammar from Christian Liberty Press called, Applications of grammar is a real good program.
In addition to Write Shop (for writing), I'd recommend Daily Grams (from Easy Grammar). These are short, quick (5-10 minutes, at most) review lessons covering everything from nouns and prepositions to punctuation and capitalization. It starts at 2nd grade and goes up to high school level (Daily Grams ends with a combined junior/senior high book). Here's a link to their website:

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