Question:So for the past year ive been trying to convince my parents that the school ive been going to just isnt right for me the curriculum sucks and i really don't learn anything new. Help me in ways to convince them in homeschooling. IM dieing here!

Go on the internet and find sources that cite homeschool statistics, how well homeschooled children do on standardized tests. To add credibility to your argument, make sure these statistics come from a reputable source, not just pro-homeschooling sites. Then go to this link to combat the old "but homeschooled kids aren't socialized!" argument. She makes a very compelling argument. Then go to your school's website and see if you can find statistics on that, what percentage of children graduate, and usually the State will issue a type of "report card" grading the school on certain things, dig that up. Armed with all your research, sit them down and explain your reasons for wanting to be homeschooled. Be prepared they may still say no, many parents have to work during the day and can't afford the time and energy it takes to homeschool. Check out some online schools too, if that's an option. Tuition is very expensive, but all the work is taken out of it as far as the parent's involvement. As long as you are a self-motivated learner, you can do very well in a distance learning program. Good luck!
ive been homeschooled before.. it was a nice experience. but the type i had was actually over the phone, they send the books to your house and a list of phone numbers and a given time you call and take the course. if you are hot-tempered like me you can say that it stops you from fighting since you dont see the other students.. other than that i really dont know.. hope i helped
You could also try going to and find out if your state offers this program. It is an on line public school. It does not require them to teach you themselves (which may be a factor as to why they don't want to home-school you). It's nothing personal against you, it's just that parents have a lot of stress in there lives also.
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What are the costs?
Because they're part of the public school system, K¹² Virtual Public Schools are always tuition free. The entire curriculum is provided free of charge, and in most cases a loaner computer, printer, and Internet access are also provided.

By the way.your DYING...not DIEING. Sorry I'm a mom and I just couldn't help it. :)
If you can get your hands on a copy of _The Teenage Liberation Handbook_ by Grace Llewellyn, read it and then ask your parents to read it. You can read reviews of it at
you might not wanna do that..homeschooling sucks you dont really meet anyone new it is stupid do it if you want but im warning you.

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