Does anyone know of a good website that lists good or famous quotes?

Question:and their authors? I'm wanting to use them for dictation or copying in our home school.


You can find quotes for virtually all subjects on this site.


You can find the best of the best quotes on this site.

Hope I helped! =)
There was a book in college
Roger's Therasus.
Female name person
escapes me
We had to have this book in Journalism classes.
Wish I could remember for you
This has older ones and more recent ones: (arranged by source)

These are from literature: (arranged by subject)

And some historical ones: (arranged by person)

I'm guessing the person above might be thinking of a Bartlett's? Online at:

Hope you find what you're looking for!
Definitely Bartlett's Quotations, they have a searchable database of quotes, with the sources listed. Go to:

Also check out the copywork link here:

Good luck! : )
Idioms, Quotes and Sayings.


AllGreatQuotes - Famous Quotes and Quotations
WriteShop has a book of copywork/dictation passages, but it only has 16 passages. They also have a list of other websites that have copywork/dictation passages (linked below).

Personally, I just use a passage from whatever we happen to be reading at the time. If we're reading _Charlotte's Web_, I'll pick a paragraph from the chapter we just finished. If it's _A Tale of Two Cities_, same thing. The great thing about this is, their copywork/dictation grows along with their reading ability.

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