Hey who here is a home-schooler?

Question:hey who is a home-schooler here? If they are then I need help with getting orginized with all my stuff. I need some tips. PLEASE ANSWER!

Binders (notebooks, the ones with the rings to add paper). I love binders, have tons of them. :) Examples: I have one for each child, called a working binder. This is where they store things they are working on for the week, spelling lists, assignments sheets, projects they are working on, papers they are writing, math, on and on. It is handy because they can grab and go, and it works for me because I can quickly see what they are doing and what they are ignoring. :)
I also use binders for art projects, handwriting notebooks, history projects, Bible study, so on and so forth.
And of course, I am not left out. I have a "school" binder, with my planning materials, a household binder with calendars, schedules, doctor info, menu planners, grocery lists, on and on, and my favorite, a Christmas binder with "all things pertaining to Christmas" gift ideas, sizes, menus, craft ideas, and everything else.
I have a very inexpensive bookshelf I store our binders on and each one has a spine insert with the label for easy viewing.
I also utilize storage bins for craft supplies, office supplies and so on. I make sure things I don't use often are put up and out of sight and the things I use everyday are accessible and near where I use them. Banker boxes make great inexpensive storage bins, so do clear plastic storage containers. I also recycle containers for storage.
If you have HGTV there is a show called Mission Organization: Tivo it!
also, on the web checkout organizedhome.com for household and Christmas notebook ideas, plus TONS of organizational ideas and articles to read.
Not sure what you need to organize exactly. Many homeschoolers keep a log book of things they do each day they consider "school".

Organization is so personal, no one can really tell you how to do it.

Good Luck :)
We homeschool, but I really need to know a few more details on what you're looking for in order to help. I'm happy to help, but organization is such a broad topic - please clarify :-)

There are a number of knowledgable homeschoolers who post regularly here, but as wildeyed pointed out, organization is pretty individual and depends a lot on what exactly you need help with. Maybe if you added some details to your question someone here could help more.
Check out this website, www.donnayoung.org. It has a lot of forms for homeschooling such as checklists and assignment worksheets to help you keep track. Definitely write out your plan daily or weekly is even better. It is also nice to keep as a record as what you have done.

Good Luck!
I am and so is my ex-bf and my best friend and my current boyfriend and several of my other not-so-specific friends. hope i helped


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