How do i go about being homeschooled?

Question:well school is starting soon and i am 15 going to grade 10.

I was expecting to be moved by now but things are taking time.

the school was un-helpful about it so im wondering;who do i contact to do homeschooling with none of the electives(that are designed to take up time!) like wood work or drafting, just the bear essentials like english,math,science,social studies for example.

So who do i contact and where do i sellect a program to do at home ?

please im not lazy i just want to spend the bulk of my time learning a foreign language(s) because thats my particular strong point!

All answers are appreciated but i would especially urge you to post if you have any exprence/knowledge of homeschooling in British coloumbia Canada.


if you want to be home schooled you will have to get one of your parents to do it. The school will not allow you to school yourself. There are some alternate / online schools in Ohio. Schools offer a liberal arts education trying to make you well rounded. If you spend all of your time focusing on one aspect of school you will no longer receive the "well rounded" education.
check with the state for there regulations, in some states (like California) home schooling is illegal. you can usually find some group to work with that can help you with a curriculum.

Home schooling is not for the lazy you get judged by the harshest judge there is, yourself
You have to know the LAWS of where you live.

You have to comply with those laws.

That may determine how you homeschool.

It can be as simple as books you buy or check out from the lbirary to buying CD or DVD and BOOK sets from an accredited company to doing a paid on-line course of study.
well i have a friend who is doing this. she is 17(my age) and she is doing it through the provincial government school. this is self taught courses that are offered online. this is basicly corrispondence.

people i know who have done this hate it and miss real school. they also miss friends.

the final descision is up to you. and good luck to you.
Check with your local school board, they may have a homeschooling alternative. Also, here in Alberta, you have to have a certain amount of credits to get your diploma. That will require you to take a certain amount of electives whether in school or at home. I think BC is very similar but I could be wrong.
maybe this can help out some go to the site and look it
you really should have looked this up over the summer cause it could of saved alot of confusion but i hope this can help

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