First time Homeschooled! HELP! boyfreind!?

Question:im going to be homeschooled for 10th and 11th grade, im currently moving to georgia in 3 months but anywhoo. What can me and my boyfreind arrange while im homeschooled and he is in school? What are some fun things we can do after school and on weekends? And i was thinking of bringing him lunch one day at school. does that sound good?.

Taking your boyfriend lunch is a nice thought, but make sure you and your boyfriend let the school officials know about it and get their approval first. Keep in mind that there is a purpose to his being in school; whatever plans you make need to keep that in mind and avoid disrupting his studies or the school's routine. I have a daughter that choose to attend a charter school last year. Her homeschooled boyfriend almost got arrested for showing up at the school unannounced. Wouldn't want that to happen to you.

The range of after school and evening activities for you isn't much different than it would be if you were in public or private school. What would you do if you were in school? My recommendation to any girl your age would be for you and your boyfriend to get involved in group activities and double dating, rather than solo dating, but that is a value judgment for you, your boyfriend and your families to make.
Well that's a nice thing to do. I bet he'd like that a lot. Just make sure you know what he likes and give him that.

And as for the fun things you can do, what do you both enjoy doing? Video games? Sports? Something creative?
Once you know that, you can do that with him.

Good luck!
What do you like to do after school and on weekends now? Just because you are going to a different school doesn't mean your social life changes outside of school hours. Although you may end up making new friends who have a freer social schedule than being tied to certain after school hours. Good luck and enjoy homeschooling!!

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