How long does it take to get into independent studies or an online school after you've applied?

Question:I want to get out of my school as soon as possible

Hey! im actually entering homeschooling this year for 10th grade, well what i did was looked around if my state offered any virtual schooling and they do. you can go here they do it globally and its free. All you have to do is have your gurdian go to the school management office and fill out paper work and stating that you will be homeschooled through whatever program you chose for homeschooled, Also you get monthly calls from teacher's, & you pick your own courses and everything is done online. The other way which isnt online is..o hmy i just relized what your question is *embarrased* im sorry im anwsering totally wrong.. the anwser:
its not long at all its simple, just apply and your in have the paperwork done and wait to see if the courses are open its a really tricky process =( email me if you need more anwsers;
I'm using Penn Foster independent study units and I got my stuff in the mail about 2 and a half weeks later. If you apply online it's a lot faster. I did mine through the mail, that's why it took long.

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