Do you need supplies for 9th grade?

Well, it depends on what classes you have, but just get the basic supplies you know you will need. Example: a few notebooks, binders, pens, pencils, paper, etc.
yes. i think you should have supplies for ever grade.
GEEZZZZZZZZ I think you need supplies for EVERY grade and guess what when you go to college too!!!!!!! and you're America's Future...
You will need supplies - but that will be determined by each individual teacher and will vary from class to class. Best to wait (aside from pencil, pen, paper) until school starts - they will give you a list, you can purchase them then.
Usually just pencils and notebooks unless u need a book bag maybe a highlighter , calculator.
Yes, you need supplies for every grade.
Yes. Doesn't matter if you go to school or are homeschooled, you need supplies. Things like paper and pens and binders are all good. Some schools have specific things they recommend you purchase so if you're going to school, ask the school about it.
to go to school most schools have school supply lists that you can pick up.
yea every grade needs it if you dont know where to get it go on your school website

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