Can anyone answer how do I and How can I homeschool my son in Burton Michigan...I desperately need help thanks

Question:He is in ninth grade but is 17 years old he was held back in early elementary years and desperately wants and needs to graduate. His local school is infested with drugs in bathrooms and hostility...How do I home school this wonderful addition to adult society. I'm not rich but will do whatever I can to homeschool him and help him...please someone help me to get started on this...Thanks and God Bless everyone!! XO Mallory

HOME SCHOOLING. also has the following information available free of charge:
Every state has their own rules. I took my daughter out. In my state we had to go to the Superintendent of Schools and find out what Home School companies they accepted as a substitute for the real thing and show that I had her signed up for it. They provided me a list. That was it. But, some states make you provide the degree of a teacher for the child. You need to call and ask for their written regulations for homeschooling. This isn't hard to find out. I just hope they aren't going to make you jump through hoops. I got a company that let me make payments monthly and they mailed the work and I mailed it back. There may be some that now do it on line. good luck.
There are many things you can do. I would suggest an independent study for him, which means he can read and learn the material himself with parental guidance for help or explanation. I use abakea and it is awesome and has a DVD program and a parent directed program. I use the parent directed becuae my children are much younger. Their wensite is There is also christian liberty, sonlight and many others. First you need to check and see what the laws for your stae are before you get started that website is This site is very helpful, it gives you the forms you need, the information you need and much much more. He can complete as much as he is capable of doing as well!

Good luck with his schooling and God bless.
As far as the legal part go to
on the left hand side of the page you will find the words "In Your State", click on them. Then Click on Michigan. Then click on laws.

As to "how", there are many options, but for a child that age in 9th grade you might want to try something like they will let him challenge courses he is ready for, and then only study the parts he really needs. Of course you could do the same yourself. I have used the following method to help a child catch up in Math. First I give the end of chapter test, then based on what was missed I assign some lessons. Then I give the whole test again. To avoid having the child just memorize the correct answers to what was missed the first time, the child never knows what was missed on the first test, only I do. This way we can move through a book studying only what the child doesn't know yet. When we get to a point where the child is missing so much the first time that they end up doing all their lessons anyway, we stop the pretesting and just work through the course. I give full credit for classes taken like this as long as the student can pass the tests the second time with an 80% or better score.

Alias_47, how do you think people become mothers?
First of all, do a google search for your states official homeschool agency. They will have a website with everything you need to know.
Each state has different laws for homeschooling. You have to follow them.
Some states are more strict than others about homeschooling.
You do not have to spend a lot of money for homeschool. YOu do not have to buy already planned out curiculum such as Abeka, Saxon, etc.
I have never had any curiculum like this.
I use the internet a LOT for teaching. THere is so much it's unbelivable!
Join a local homeschool group. They do so many things that public school kids could never do.
I use ebay a lot to buy school stuff.
Hope this helps!
I suggest you both read "The Teenage Liberation Handbook" by Grace Llewelyn. And anything by John Holt.

Be assured you don't need to be rich to homeschool, it takes little money.

Please use caution with HSLDA, although another poster recommended their info, it is highly controversial.

Try this link, or search on your own for Michigan regulations.

Best of luck to you and your son.
MI has very few regulations concerning homeschool. You need to officially disenroll him from the schools. This is just a very quick form you can pick up in the office. That way, you won't have to answer to any questions of truancy. You don't have to do regulated testing, grades, certain curricula, etc. You do not have to be a certified teacher like in many states. There are WONDERFUL resources on the internet, including virtual schools if the idea of choosing curriculum materials intimidates you. Google "homeschool high school". You'll be very pleasantly surprised.
Hi, I was homeschooled thru the American School of correspondence. It is based in Lansing, Illinois.

It costs 700-800 a year or 40 a month, and the school is accredited. I was able to go to college and everything afterward.

Here's their link
I've looked up the info for your state.
According to the website for homeschoolers.
Compulsory School Age
"age of 6 to the child’s 16th birthday"

Since he is 17 you might want to consider Penn Foster High School. It's a correspondence school so they will mail you your books and you can complete the exams online.

They charge $900 for all four years of highschool. If you can pay $900 in full then that is the exact price. If you cannot pay $900 in full you have the option of doing $34 a month.

Go to their website and ask request an info packet. It will come in the mail and explain a lot. Also, their website is very informative. I'm currently using it. There is also college courses that he could take after he finishes the highschool program.
Instead of "homeschooling", why not enroll him in the local community (or junior) college, under dual enrollment, or even as a college student? Many CCs don't require a diploma or GED (they have their own tests for placement) and once he has taken college-level courses, no one will care about his high school graduation status.

If he needs to get up to speed before their placement test, check out some GED-prep books from the library. If he can do that work, he should be good to go.

FWIW - most of our homeschooling is done from library books - reading about different subjects (in history, literature, science) and discussing it. We do use a textbook for math, but writing is done (first) by copying and analyzing great writers works - as Jack London and Ben Franklin did.
A Beka is a great program...not too expensive.
You can make monthly payments if need be.
It is a DVD program ..comes with everything.
My son was 15 y/o when he did this.basically on his own. It was great as we bought a portable DVD player and we could go wherever we wanted for, take our school rush or time limit.

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