Good site for copy-work paragraphs?

Question:Can anyone suggest a good site (or sites) that would offer some ideas for inspiration, informative, funny or clever paragraphs for my children to practice handwriting through copywork? I am not looking for religious words, more like the Declaration of Indpendence type things.
I know Queen Homeschool has copybooks, but when I saw them I thought paying $10 for a photocopied booklet was a bit steep.
Thanks for the help!

For copywork, I just choose good passages out of whatever book we happen to be reading. If we're reading _Charlotte's Web_, I'll pick a paragraph from the chapter we just read and have my son copy it. If we're reading_A Tale of Two Cities_, same thing. The Dec. of Ind. and Constitution are both available in book form, probably from your local library (that's where we get almost all of our books).

WriteShop has a book of copywork, but it only has 16 "passages". They have the student copy it twice, then write it from dictation twice over two weeks. They also have a section in Resources on their website with links to other copywork/dictation sources (I've included a link to that page below).
Check this site for a wide variety of copywork links.
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