Can I be home schooled all year to pass grades faster?

Question:Well im in 9th grade and Im home schooled I also live in Indiana, Can I be home schooled all year to get through grades faster?I have to attind 180 day's for each grade so can I just keep doing the work to go to the next grades in the same year?

In Indiana you must complete 180 school days. then Yes! you can proceed to the next grade level course work and fulfill another 180 school days. That will take real motivation on your part. check out the Indiana dept. of Ed .website for legal requirements in our state. God Bless.
Why would you want to do that? What's the rush? Just take your time and enjoy your life.
I don't know about your state but here in Oregon some homeschoolers I've known have completed more than one grade a year. If you complete the 12th grade is there a community college or distance learning program you could take? Then you could 'graduate' H.S. with an Associates Degree.
My question is: why would you want to do all that work? Do you have a goal in mind?
In Indiana you must be "in school" until 18. However, since there are NO requirements about what subjects must be taught, you could feasibly finish early by doing what you say and then just "unschool" until you are 18. This would mean that you would file as a homeschooler and take "attendence" (I haven't figured out yet how a kid can be absent from homeschool unless they are in the habit of taking trips alone), but would study only what you want to study once you are done with your main High School work. See my answer to your other question for more details.
I think so. I homeschool all year round. As soon as I finish one grade, I move right on to the next one. I've dont 1 credit and a half in 1 month.
There are some homeschool routines that let you just order up the stuff. Structuered and virtual schools may not let you do that.
Yes you can. I am home school and go to high school virtually. I live in Florida so its free. Its called Florida Virtual School.

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