Does any one know of a really good cheap homeschooling program? That is non-christian?

You can try a correspondence school, like Penn Foster High School. It's $900 for all four years of high school. If you have already started high school you can send them your transcripts and it will be cheaper.
Depends where you live and what grade you are in almost every state has a Virtual School where you take all your classes on the internet type in your state and then Virtual School I love Floridia Virtual School Floridia Virtual School I think also serves for students everywhere! Hope this helps!
I did a homeschool program for high school. It was free and was not religious in any way. I belive it involved switching school districts. I went in once a week and had an hour appointment with a teacher where i turned in my work and got new work. It was a great experience. Check with the school district you live in and see if they offer any homeschool programs.
This website has information about different curriculum and their religious affiliation if any:

This website has information on other distance learning programs:
My family is Christian and we follow this site:

You can adjust it thought to meet your non Christian needs. Also if my kids don't like a book that is suggested to read I just go to: and something else.

We have been doing this for the past year almost and LOVE it. I am busy planning our new school year (we'll start in Sept.) & there is no way I'm back to the old way.

For free books for your homeschool library go to my website and read about the paper back trading sites we use.

Look at the answer from the person with no name. One of those sites has lot of links to other sites, many of which have no religious affiliations at all.
You can work at home through your public school. Most schools have that program. Most of them require you to come to the school once a week and drop off and pick up your work.
Most E-Schools are through your public school, therefore you won't truly be home-schooled.

If you are looking for a pen and paper home-school, you can put your own curriculum together. That is fairly cheap. You just have to know what you need.

I've heard good things about Penn Foster, but I have never tried it. I graduated through American School Of Correspondence. They are fairly cheap as well. $50 a month and they are non-religion based. I loved the work, too. they have a college prep course as well as a plain high school course.
HOME SCHOOLING. also has the following information available free of charge:
Not really, but here is a web site that I give to new home school families in our area that prefer such materials.
Maybe they will have something that will work for you as well.

Blessings, and good luck.

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