Home schooling question?

Question:Ok I am in 9th grade home schooling and I have to attend it for 180 day's a year. But Can I do the 180 day's then start 10th grade right after the 180 day's of 9th grade, I want to do that so I can get out of school faster...Is it possible?

You probably need to ask a homeschool support group for your state about the technicalities for that. Do a search for _homeschool [your state]_ and you should be able to find a contact email or something.
I honestly don't think they'll let you do that.

It also depends on the program/company you're using.

But I still think it's a no go.
In many states you can do that, if you are doing homeschooling independently, not through a Public school at home program, correspondence school, or distance education. If you are enrolled in any of those, then you will have to ask the school.

If you are doing it independently you can do what you want as long as your state law doesn't say otherwise. Go to http://www.hslda.com for info on your state law, click on the words "In Your State" (left had side of the screen), then click on "laws".

Your state may have a requirement that you stay in school until 17 or 18. If that is the case then you might not be able to "finish early", however you could still do your work ahead, and then spend your last part of homeschool doing dual enrollment at a community college, doing advanced studies and SAT prep, or job training (call it "career studies" or "occupational education" on your transcript).

In my state we can start and stop the year whenever we want, as long as we do our 180 days, however until a kid is 18 he or she is supposed to be in school, so a lot of homeschoolers finish their basic work by the end of what "should be" 10th grade, and then do dual enrollment at a community college, rack up almost twice the credits required for High School, and graduate with an Associates Degree along with their homeschool diploma.

Contact your state homeschoolig association, or a local support group. You can find out about the major homeschool organizations in your state by going to http://www.hslda.com , look on the left side of the screen, click on the words "In Your State", then select your state name and choose 'organizations".
I think you can do that. It might be different depending upon what program you're doing. I used to study by myself (no program) and just take the equivalency tests.
You can do whatever you want, but you must be schooled until you are 17 I believe in Indiana. I am also in Indiana and it is a pretty homeschool friendly state. Just make sure you really learn the material you are going over becuase in order to have a diploma you must take the GED or be enrolled in a curriculum that provides a diploma such as Abeka. Good luck!
Yep. it is okay. But why rush it?
THe laws just state that you must be "in school" 180 days a year so you can accelerate your grade whenever you complete the work. It's done all the time!

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