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Question:Ok I am in 9th grade home schooling and I have to attend it for 180 day's a year. But Can I do the 180 day's then start 10th grade right after the 180 day's of 9th grade, I want to do that so I can get out of school faster...Is it possible?

I think it might depend on the state that you live in? Not sure. We go year round, just starting the next curriculum as soon as we finish the last, but my son is in 5th grade so we don't have to keep transcripts yet. We also live in a very homeschool-friendly state.

You may want to check with HSLDA http://www.hslda.org/default.asp?bhcp=1... on this, but unless there's some restriction against it, I would think that you could graduate as soon as you've finished the graduation requirements that you and your mom set down. I know that in our city, there are kids that graduate at 15 or 16 and are accepted into both private and public colleges and universities, many of them with scholarships.

But contact HSLDA to make sure, especially if you live in a state with a lot of restrictions.
I've homeschooled my kids from day one. The oldest is 11. We do not do grades. Why? All kids work at different levels.

You can be done with school as soon as you can pass the GED or what ever your state requires you to do. I think most states it is the GED.

So really as soon as you are old enough to take the GED you can take it. I think though most states it is 18 but I am not sure. I took it at 17 due to special health reasons and passed it a few months before my 18th birthday.
Check with your state regulations, each state does require different info and criteria. We can here and actually when you turn 16 you can start taking college classes here for free not including books. The classes are the same as the High School Students take. Just preparing you for college.
Yes, that is what we do, the children work at their own pace.
This enables them to graduate early, or put of formal graduation until age 18, and take community college classes before attending a college full-time.
Our teens choose to go to work for a year or so first, and think about the direction they would like to go in; this enables them to put some college money away, get settled, and take their time looking around as to where they may want to go to college.
It is possible, but check with your parents, and see if the curriculum they have chosen permits this.
Home-schooling is not tied to a traditional school calendar unless the family decides that is what they want to do for their school schedule as well.
Go to www.hslda.org Click on your state home schooling laws. Some states have an age limit for when you may stop schooling in high school. It is called the "compulsory age" law. The days per year are a minimum. If you double the hours or take more classes and you are not connected with any program like a virtual school which might have laws limiting the number of classes and hour you take in a semester, you could do just about anything you are capable of doing. You could take eight classes (total of 16 credits) per school year and have the summer off or take 6 classes through the school year and take two 21/2-hour classes in the summer to finish high school at the end of your junior year. You have a better chance of having it your way home schooling in high school than you do ordering a burger at Burger King. ;) It is possible to juggle your credits in any way you wish but you will need to still make sure that you are complying with the compulsory age law of your state.

Best to you!

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