Can someone please help me with this situation I'm in?

Question:Im 16 years old and attending Continental Academy. I left the 8th grade in feb. 07 to attend their home schooling program. I looked questions up about the school in the answers section and found out that people where getting denied jobs and into schools, but other people where getting better jobs and into schools. I've been thinking about this for the past week. I'm afraid to back to school because that means I wont finish until I'm 21 and I'll have to go back to middle school and be 17 in the 8th grade. The only reason I didn't really look into the school was because my cousin attended it and now she is in a community college. The only thing is she left public schools in the 11th grade. Does anybody have any information that will help me out. I really would appreciate it. I live in Norfolk, Virginia if anyone needs to look into any information.

I am not certain that all of the information that you gave is correct.

Why are your going into the 8th grade? You may be getting credit for your home schooling. Go with your parents back to the school and ask hem to evaluate the courses that you took in home schooling and sk them where you will be placed. You MIGHT be placed into the 9th grade. If the answer is favorable ask for a written statement that Will confirm what was said orally.

Also there are ways to quicken your graduation from high school. Inquire about summer and evening school See if your school will work with you.

Most states allow someone who reaches a certain age to take the GED which is a high school equivalency test. when passed this will allow you entrance into many colleges.

Find out the information, ask your parents to speak for you, study hard and you may succeed.

Good luck.
Personally, I wouldn't use correspondence schools out of Florida because they have different requirements for high schoolers. I use Penn Foster and I know that it's good because I have other family that have used it and have really good jobs for big companies.

If you are using this program,

their accreditation isn't good because it is only good for those that live in that state. Schools outside FL will probably not accept it because they are not nationally or regionally accredited by the proper people.
YOu definitely need to switch your curriculums. You need something that is nationally accepted. Do not waste your time going back to public school. You can take an assessment test to see what grade level you are on and go with that. I have seen som eother schools sucj a pennfoster and K12 and those are good, there is another and it has a DVD program that is wonderful and they are nationally accredited school and you will not get denied jobs or college acceptance with it.
I would try penn for high school it's great.
I think it mostly depends on your college application. I know a 16 year old homeschooled student in Virginia who is in college part-time. I would visit with a community college counselor and find out what is needed to gain admittance.

I definitely don't think you are at a disadvantage due to being homeschooled. These days, standardized test scores are all the rage - so take an SAT prep course if you feel you must, and write an awesome essay for your application, and apply now! There is no reason to wait to start community college classes, at least.

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