American Home School for a year while in Poland?

Question:My daughter, 13, wants to live with her grandparents in Poland for this coming up school year. Does anyone know how she cna be home schooled there without having to 'check in' monthly?

Anyone who has home schooled their kids, can you give me some info on how it works.

I live in San Diego, CA.

I think that would be a really great opportunity for your daughter to be able to live in poland for a year and i dont think school should prohibit that.I was homeschooled just this past year with the company american homeschool.and you do not need to check in or anything like that.all you do is they mail you everything,work,and tests,books,etc. and you just do your assignments and mail them in! simple as that!
Penn Foster will deliver outside the US. Check it out.

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