Help! how can i get my parents to let me?

Question:get homeschooled?! they already said that i could drop out and get my ged, but i dont think that is really a good idea. so how can i convince them to let me get cyberschooled? (over the internet). it would only be for the last semester of my senior year! im getting most of the credits that i need this semester.
does anyone get cyberschooled on here? if so, what are the benefits?? please help!

You can do school at your own pace, since you are a senior you won't have to take extra electives that are pointless. Also, with my cyber school and most others you can take college courses and they count for highschool and college! So you will already be earning credits for College while you are getting those credits for highschool they will just be college level.
You get a computer? lol, uhm, I like the classes a lot I thought it would be gay but your parents don't have to actually teach you so you just do it with your teachers or by yourself and they will get a call if you don't that is all. Also, you will have a lot more time to get a job and earn money for either college/get started on moving out on your own etc.
It gives you a lot of extra freetime, I love it.
Good luck, I love it. Find some cyber schools that you can show them the sites and you can go in and talk to someone about getting set up for it. If you live in Pennsylvania try PCCS and PALCS. They don't cost any extra money by the way, the school pays for it all.

I just saw that comment above. I disagree I have been doing a Cyber School and I see people a lot and go out a lot more then I would if I was in a Public School because I have the free time to do that and a lot of my friends are in college or older so it works out great. Plus, when you have a job you are around people a lot and people that are in a highschool are only able to connect with people in their age area, because of me being homeschooled I can talk to older people, younger people, and people my age. I accept everyone I'm not picky about my peers age difference like most kids my age!
Lemme just give you some advice. I would stick it out since you're that close to the end. There were def. times when I wanted to be homeschooled but if you are homeschooled or cyberschooled than I think you loose that ability to be social with other people.
I think that you shuould stick to regular schooling.

It's almost all over, so why not stay till the end?

Just stick it out and finish. Then you'll get a great sense of accomplishment, and that's very important to have. You will learn, just don't learn the hard way. Stay in school where you belong. It's well worth it.
I go to Florida Virtual School. It's a lot better than regular school because you learn a lot more. All of the classes there offer a "Second Semester Only" pace chart, so you may be able to use it. I don't know where you live, but you can use FLVS from anywhere in the U.S. In Florida, it is free, but from other states, I think that you may have to pay a small fee.

Good Luck.

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