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Question:by the way im not trying to be offensive this is a serious question. Ok i started homeschool but im not christian but for example it asked who created geometry, do i have to say god did?

I am a Christian, but I do know that although God did create everything, and we are just now discovering it all piece by piece, you can say that people made certain things. (You couldn't say however that people created the grass or sky.) Geometry is more of a concept or tool for understanding the designs and shapes of the world, and discovering the possibilities. But either way, I didn't find one specific name but I hope these sites are helpful:
No. Geometry was created by Dave Rusin.
no but it is all up 2 you If u beleave so than say yes... dont think so than say no. But if u want to know search

hope this helps Drea
Euclid.I think is the answer you are looking for.
I think it's asking you to look into the history of Geometry, which was first developed in differing levels by ancient societies. Here's some links to help you:

Hope that helps!
lol im a homeschooler too i dont beleave in god at all!! lol
you dont have to but its good if you are registerd in a christian homeschooling school lol it just gives you points from them but if your not then no you dont
I'm not christian either. I think the question means, who discovered/formed geometry. The answer is Euclid.
no you say the name of the person who invented it not god he created many things but not that lol

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