How do I convince my parents to homeschool me?

Question:I am a good student. I get good grades, I get along with people, and all my teachers like me...but I hate going to school. I understand that high school is tough for everyone, but I don't want to be unhappy for the next 4 or 5 years.

My father gets really angry when I ask him about it. He tells me to suck it up and this year will be positive, blah blah blah.

I cry every night before I have to go, I don't know why I hate it so much, I just do. I can get just as good an education and if I have to join extra-curricular activities to prove I can be social, sure I'll do it. I'll get a job too.

What do you think will convince parents that this is the best option for me?

Thank you.

I am a mother of a 17 yr. old Daughter entering in her Senior Year of HS. She has the same issues of going to school as you do. I have just enrolled my daughter in "KeyStone National High School" which is a Home School. This is a great opportunity for her to continue working and finish her HS at the same time with all the conveniences of being at home. I feel this will relieve alot of her stress of going to the public school. Homeschooling is actually BETTER! Because you get more of the one on one help that public HS's don't offer. She can also work at her own pace and Tests are alot less stressful on her as well.
Suggestion: I would contact a homeschool and request information to be sent you and give that to your parents to look over. It gives in detail why homeschooling is in fact better for students than a traditional school. Try www.keystonenationalhighschool...
and request info.
Hope all goes well for you
tell her that you hate school, tell her you want to be cyber-schooled i did it my senior year because i didnt like people. tell her you would focus more that way bcuz people distract u.
Well my sister wanted to be home schooled during Middle School. At first my parents weren't really into the idea. My sister was determined though, so she did alot research on it. She looked up home schooling programs in our area and shared the information with my mom. Maybe since it's harder talking to your dad about it, you should try discussing the matter with your mom. Gather what information you can and share it with her. Tell her the reasons why you would like to try home schooling. Maybe you could make a deal with them, such as, trying home schooling for a year and seeing how it works out. If you can convince your mom, then maybe she can talk to your dad and he will consider it then.
im having the same problem. i'm a freshman in high school and i want to be homeschooled but whenever i tell my dad about it he says its out of the question.
i just moved, and in my old school i had sooooo many friends but at my new school everyones ignoring me when i try to make friends with them and its really depressing me so i want to be homeschooled.
i think you should just explain to them your situation, tell them how much you hate it, tell them you cry at night, etc.they should listen to u, theyre your parents afterall
I had the same problem. Stick it up to your parents and throw a tantrum and threaten to run away from home if you have to (but don't do it, it's just a threat), and explain to them that you're not happy and ask why you can't do something that makes you happy. You can't always sacrifice happiness. Tell your parents that they're not the ones having to go to school and they don't understand what you're going through. Maybe it's a psychological problem (I'm not saying you're mad but these are natural and happen to many people including me) I set my mind to homeschooling but I think going to school is better since I'll be doing IB there rather than A levels at home and IB is way good. Go see a psychologist to help him sort out your problems. Tell your parents that homeschooling is better for you seeing that you cannot cope with school, and that it's THE solution to your problems. Tell them you would be much happier than going to school and that you can cope with it. Tell them you can find a study group so they won't have to bother coaching you at home. Good luck.
Maybe you could start by showing them some research. Research shows that students learn better when they aren't taught to test...which is the exact way schools are teaching kids now. Even most teachers will admit that the learning environment provided in schools is not the best for kids to learn in. You could also tell them that research shows that kids learn better, remember more, and enjoy learning more when they are taught one on one or in extremely small class sizes and when they get to direct some of their own studies. That's something you simply can't get in school. Research also shows that students learn better when they can learn at their own pace, which you can't get at a regular school. You kind of have to go with the pace of the class.
Then you could try to give them alternatives to them actually having to come up with ideas and time to teach you themselves. Try talking to them about the options or e learning, tutoring, or if you are old enough, completely self directed homeschooling. Good luck.
Home schooling should be done for a reason. If you hate going to school, what is going to motivate you to do homeschooling? It isn't clear that you won't hate it too. School is essentially working for free and most people don't want to work for free.

It sounds like you want to get away from doing something painful, but it is hard to figure out if you will find home schooling to be painful as well unless you can identify the things that make school painful.

I don't think you should have to suck it up and be unhappy for the next 4 years and I don't think you should have to cry every night before you go. You could go to individual therapy with a therapist who does family therapy as well. After you get an understanding as to what is going on, the therapist could bring in your family to reach an appropriate resolution.

I would campaign for a job now. I found my family to be difficult and I wasn't happy at school, but I loved my job. It gave me the energy to get through school. My grades went up a whole grade.

There are some problems with homeschooling during the high school years, namely getting a diploma and getting into college. Local community colleges accept high school students either as part of their high school program or as home schoolers. You should take the SAT or ACT and see how you score. Once you have a college transcript, it may be possible to transfer to any other school without a high school diploma.
I think you should make out a list of reasons why you don't like school and some pros of if you start homeschooling. I was in public school from 2nd- 8th grade. Then in middle school, I ended up hating it. The next year, I came home. I'm not saying that it's right for everyone and that it would be a better option but, if you hate school, perhaps if you could actually explain that to them, then they'd consider bringing you home. In NC, they allow homeschool students at the age of 16 to take classes at the community college (free tuition until high school graduation- just have to buy books). At the community college that I attend, it just requires 2 classes at home and then as many as I want to try to handle at the college. So, you could also find out if that occurs where you are and that could be another pro of homeschooling. Anyways, I pray things work out for ya.
Do some research and find a good online charter school. My son graduated from an online school and now attends a private university with scholarships. Here are some that are all over that may help
Your parents may be concerned because they have no experience with homeschool, it is an unknown to them, and they don't want to mess up your educational opportunities or life. Those are potential concerns, there may be others. Start by finding out their legitimate concerns. Ask them to talk to you about why they don't want to homeschool you. Then, you can go about the problem solving process.

Take their concerns and try to alleviate them. If they are concerned about college entrance, then study about how homeschoolers get into college (they do, very often and very easily). If they are concerned about their ability to teach advanced subjects, research the curriculum options available that require little interaction from them - such as online courses, video, tutors, etc.,

Here are some resources to help you start researching: (access state laws regarding) (info about how homeschoolers fare) (gobs of homeschool info and curriculum choices, and more links for more research)

If you are truly serious about wanting to homeschool, show your parents how dedicated you can be to your studies by first studying homeschooling and its possibilities for your life.

Sit down with your parents and have a non-confrontational talk to help air everyone's concerns and give them some information about why you think it will work.

Best to you!!
sit down with your mom and tell her, you dont like school, because of the reason, you cant have an attitude whatever you do! no matter what she says dont get one, and be mature about it, be mature BE MATURE!
That's what happened to me. Your dad's a meanie...when it comes to that. I cried every night, just ask your mom.or whatever.tell your dad that most people who are home schooled, pay less and are smarter. That should work.


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