Homeschooling computer lesson plan?

Question:Hi I'm 16 and my 7th grade sister is being homeschooled this year. My parents are teaching her everything except computers. I'm taking that on each weekend. I have to first make a few assignments for her that teach her how to use Microsoft Word. Any ideas of what kinds of assignments to give her?

Well you can start with it by just introducing her to it and showing her how to start a new page. Then let her do some essays or creative writing on it and teacher to save.

Then start with the spell check and grammar check and have her correct her work and learn to be critical about the grammar choices. You might have her work with an English Grammar book to see if the software is right or not.

You can show her the various menus and how to do a word count.

You can show her how to save work in other formats, such as HTML to turn it into a web page.

You can eventually show her how to import pictures and align these inside the text so the text flows around the picture in a variety of ways.

Then you can get into using effects such as Bold, Underline, Italics.

How to align text as justified, centered.

How to change fonts and font sizes.

How to make text different colors.

Then you can get into headers and footers and page numbering.

You can have her put the Title of her work in a top header and the page number at the bottom cenetered or right.

Then you can get into printing formats.

Take the menu items one at a time and show her how they work.

Show her how to put table into the page to format things in rows and columns and even add a formual to add things.
There is so much out on the Internet... you can really teach her in many different directions. Here are some suggestions:

Typing.. if she doesn't know how to type, this is the time to start. Mavis Beacom Teaches Typing is an easy fun program with games although there are free online typing, as well.

MS Office Products - Excellent skill that will be used in college and it the workplace. Even if they use different software, they will understand the basics of word processing, spreadsheets, databases and Power Point presentations. Resource:
Free lessons through AAM Homeschool program teach tech skills with history and research.

History and use of the computer - learn the parts of the computer. Learn the basics of the motherboard, video cards, hard drive etc.

History of Computer: Learn about the history of computers:
Computer Quiz:

History and usage (including safety) of the Internet -

Update: Sorry, I didn't read it clearly, but AAM is still a great resource for MS Word projects. It walks them through how to do things on Word.

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