How do I start home-schooling in high school?

Question:Is it possible to start home-schooling now, when I am in high school? If so, how can I learn more about it? And also, does being home-schooled hinder my chances of being accepted to a good university?

You can definitely start homeschooling in high school, many kids do. There is a great book on the subject, Homeschooling the Teen Years by Cafi Cohen. It can be found here:
(It's also most likely at your public library.)

Here is a site that will tell you exactly what you need to do to homeschool in your state, as every state has different rules and laws:

Homeschooling does not in any way hinder your chances of being accepted to a good university, unless you just plain don't choose to do the work. Actually, it can help your chances...pretty much all universities (including Ivy League schools) accept homeschoolers without a problem, and many actively court them (read: scholarship/grant money) because they have shown, on average, that they are more socially mature and academically ready for the rigors of college.

I would suggest to get a copy of the catalogs from your prospective colleges to find out exactly what documentation you'll need to provide, they all have their own regulations.

In homeschooling, you can take AP classes, concurrent enrollment, and be involved in whatever extracurricular activities you like. Many areas have things like homeschool bands, sports, etc., and because you have the ability to structure your own time, you can also take on an internship and/or develop your own studies to prepare yourself for your future goals.

Hope that helps!
You can start homeschooling at any time--even in high school.

It doesn't at all hinder your chances of being accepted by a good university--it actually give you a *better* chance of being accepted. Colleges seek out homeschoolers..they WANT homeschoolers because we tend to be smarter and harder workers.

Research homeschooling, keep asking questions on here, and check out the homeschooling regulations for your state (or wherever you live).
Oh yeah, I'm in high school and I enrolled in the middle of the year but then again my school is a bit different. But Im positive you can, as to your third question It would not hinder your chances to get accepted into a good university. Home schooling allows you to work ahead a few years, get extra credits, maybe even a scholarship. Just as long as you have adequate grades the university will see you as any other student and it will not effect your chances, but rather improve them. I wish you luck.
My children are all homeschooled. We use an online charter school that is great
My oldest son already graduated last year and was able to get into a private university with scholarships with no problem

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