Are my calculation correct?

Question:I am writing my transcripts to be enrolled in Continental Academy so my question is.
Are my cal. correct?
Ok, first ive done the SOS from AOP the subjects on the cds are just called math, science, language arts, history and geography, what would i write in the subject section of my transcripts
And second, my GPA 3.75(is that good or bad)(9th grade is what i am in)
Now do i just take the points and / by 4 ex.

math 95.5=A A=4 points now the equation 4/4 equals 1

first is that correct and just do that for all my A's ?(right or worng tell me please)

how would i write that, just as 1 or what ?

history 89=B B=3

so would i just take 3/4 and get .75 if so would i just write .75?

Okay, you should call your courses names like Language Arts 1, or English 1. The AOP Catalog gives subtitles for the Math, I believe SOS Math for 9th grade is Algebra 1, SOS science for 9th is Physical Science if I remember correctly. Please check that in the catalog because I am not sure. Typically in High School whatever English you take in 9th grade is called English 1, 10th is English 2, etc. Sometimes there are more descriptive names, like "Medieval Literature" Check the AOP catalog to see if they have more descriptive names.

As for GPA you take ALL your grades and average them.

For example:

English 1 A = 4
Physical Science B = 3
World History C = 2
Bible A = 4

You would add 4+3+2+4=13 Then you divide your answer by the number of courses (in my example above there are 4 courses, so we divide 13 by 4. That would give you a GPA of 3.25

If you were doing multiple years you would still follow the same formula, The sum of all the grade points divided by the number of courses.

Only remember that only academic classes are usually counted in GPA, so things like P.E. are not counted, but health because it has an academic study element would be.

3.75 is pretty good.

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