Have you homeschooled before?

Question:If so, did u like it? why or why not?

I have and i really liked it. I did my homeschool program thru Ashworth University. I jus recently had my graduation ceremony. It was really neat. I got out of high school bc the high school i was going to, wasnt any good, in my opinion...had fights, and school not having enough money to keep open thru the whole year. one year they had to shut down for the summer...didnt have enough credits or sumthing like that...i know they didnt have the money.
but anyways. I got out right after ninth grade. I graduated in Jan 07. whereas if i stayed in public, i would have graduated May 08.
I really enjoyed it. Even tho i do miss the "school scene" but doesnt mean im completely out of it, i can still go to college.

I'm about to start high school and I love being homeschooled. Sometimes I miss being able to try out for sports and the yearbook and go to football games and have more crushes, but that's about it. I have a lot of fun being homeschooled and I think it's great. I've never been to a public or private school. I love hearing from homeschooled kids who have graduated because it inspires me to keep going. Thanks!
I homeschooled but Honestley is some ways i was lacking, my paretns didn't have a lot of money so i wasn't invloved in many social functions, therefore i was a little socially inept LOL.. I've come a long way and now i am fine I am seriously considering Homeschooling my child (who is 6 mo currently) we'll have to wait and see, but school districts are just sad sometimes... I didn't my homeschool program strictly at home i took the state standarize testing throughout the year but no other schools were involved.. i had access to a public library once a week or so so that was good
it's good to know that there are others out there and that they enjoyed it also:)
I think homeschooling has come a LONG way in the past 5 years.

I am a homeschool mom and I run a large homeschool group. The days of missing out on yearbooks, football, cheerleading etc are long over!

Now in most every state you will find well organized groups.

My group for instance has co-op classes for extra caricular activities every week, a park day every week, teen nights, proms, dances, 6 man football, cheerleading, year books.I could go on and on :)

My point is, I think every parent should find a really good support group so their children do not miss out.
i was never homeschooled. i was in a great program in a crappy school. some fights and lots of wanna be gangsters. but my program is like high school. being homeschooled has lots of advantages, but you dont really get to make friends.

tell me what you think about the "school scene" when you go to college. i want to know which is better, and if someone does both, they should have a good sense.
I'm homeschooling through Penn Foster and I too once went to public school. I don't miss it at all because it was filled with really immature kids that didn't know how to respect others. I couldn't take the fact that teachers wouldn't help when a student needed help. They would tell us things like, well if you can't pass it, it's not my problem. I already passed high school and have my diploma. What a wonderful thing to tell me. I got out and am doing my studies at home and I get help when ever I need it. My sister is a whiz at writing and literature. My mom is a whiz at math. My dad is an ex chemist. I don't see how my teachers could top that one off. lol
I do it every night, when my kids get home from public school. Not because public schools do bad job, cause they don't, but because I provide extra support for my kids, so they can succeed in life. You should do that too.
Yes, I have. I am home-schooled. There are only 2 downsides I found:

You start to slack because you think you can do it whenever you want. But you can teach some children to be responsible and do their work.

And the other is not much social. But I have a telephone and myspace, and Im fine. The town is small, friends live close. No problem.

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