Has anyone got into university with homeschooling?

Question:I am 17, and have done all my high school up until grade 11 in high school, but i suffer from anxiety and just moved, so it is worse, and i am on meds but it is not going away, so i want to do homeschooling for grade 12, because i dont no anyone here, so i was wondering if anyone has got into university with a homeschooling education?


Fact: many universities actively prefer home educated students.

My 23 year old brother and 18 yr old sister are both currently doing BSc (Hons) degrees and neither ever set foot inside a school.

Just wondering how you'll cope with starting college if you're too anxious to face starting at a new school though? That's not a criticism, btw. By all means, you should homeschool if that is what is best for you academically but you shouldn't use homeschool as a way of avoiding having to confront situations you find anxiety provoking such as starting a new school and not knowing anyone. Doing that may help you to feel better in the short term but it'll only lead to your anxiety being 100 times worse the next time you have to face a difficult situation.
Yes, and quite good ones too (Harvard, MIT). Also homeschoolers just scored above public schoolers for the 10th year in a row on the ACT (similar to the SAT).

Good luck!
yes you can attend college from homeschooling but if you can't handle going to a new high school, college is a lot more overwhelming
yes lots of students go to college after homeschooling.
Check out www.hslda.org and www.homeschooling.gomilpitas.c... for information about this.
Yes. I have 4 children. Three are grown and college graduates. My youngest has just started taking classes in jr. college. They were all homeschooled. Any homeschooler can go to college. In fact, you could start taking jr. college classes right now to have some credit hours that could transfer to a 4 year university. Most homeschool kids start college classes around age 15 or 16. My youngest child is still homeschooling this year.
yes plenty
Most people who homeschool,take their GED and will be accepted in community or junior college first,but if your ACT is high enough you may go anywhere in the U.S. I know several people who have done this and have a B.S. degree. I hope I've helped!
If you are suffering from anxiety, how do you plan on going to university?

Homeschooled students go to university all the time. It's only the general public that seems to think it'll be a problem. Just make sure you learn about the laws where you live, find out about doing SAT's (or whatever you need where you live) and all that. A good homeschooling support group for your state/province or city will be able to help you with all that. Do a search for _homeschool [your state/city]_.

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