Has anyone used this american high school academy ?

Question:has anyone used this school that is located in florida theyi say that they are accrited by some people and that i can graduate in 4 weeks i'm barley gonna be 15 how is that possible

This is the only correspondence program that public schools count as credit. It is expensive. I know one family who used it. But they let their kids jump in and out of public school at will. I would never do that. Honestly, unless you plan on going back to public school it probably isn't worth it. It use to be that the exams had to be proctored at the local school. You have to study each class for at least a month. So if you were in public school flunking one class, and took the class in this program, you could be done in four weeks. That is the marketing statement that they gave and what it means.
it would be helpful if you could include the school's website in your question. who are accredited by?
i was homeschooled, but not by that school.and i graduated at the age of 16.
Don't use them, they are not properly accredited. If you live outside of FL it will not count in your state. Also, if you do live in FL, the only school that will accept you is a tech school.

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