First time homeschooling.?

Question:This is the first time i've ever had to write this out,
It's a Notification If Home Education, And it asks for an outline of next years curriculum, alon with a list of the text books being used.I thought the text books Were the curriculum.
I live in Ohio, I've already called the board of education, and they are no help, very rude.
Thank you

A Curricullum is an over all program, often the name of a publisher, such as Penn Foster, Alpha Omega Publications, or Memoria Press.

The textbook is the name of the actual book.

For example, if you were using Math-U-See for first Grade math than the curicullum would be Math-U-See and the Textbook would be "Math-U-See: Alpha" because that is the name of the first grade textbook.
The curriculum is the collection of subjects you will be teaching and the text books are the ones you choose to teach that subject. There are many different text books for a given subject.
I suggest finding a local homeschool group to help you with this as every state is different.

here is a link to find some groups in your area
I agree with the previous post about asking with your local (or even state) support group. These are people who have "been there, done that" and know what whoever looks at these forms will be looking for.

Curriculum is the list of courses you will study this year (Literature, Math, Biology, etc.).
I found this article about it on the hslda website at this link:

I would recommend giving them the least amount of information you can. If you are using a pre-packaged curriculum, you should just be able to name the curriculum and what subjects it covers. If they want more detail, they can come back and ask for it.
It gets confusing, doesn't it? While homeschoolers tend to refer to resources as "curriculum", they aren't actually. The curiculum is the set of goals, learning objectives. A pre-packaged curriculum means the goals are in there and everything's all together to meet those learning goals that the resources were designed to meet. It just kind of got changed with time to mean 'resources' for many.
Fill it in twice then. Now you understand what the school mentality really is!
Check out Christian Liberty Academy ( Or CLP), they offer two homeschool choice. 1.) the CLASS Family Plan, you pay $345.00 or more depending on the grade)you grade and take care of all the work. Grading.
Or 2.) Class Plan, you pay a little more and your student is actually enrolled in the Academy. YOu administer the test and then you send it into the school. They keep all your records and your student get a Report Card, also they are with the Homeschool Legal Defense. Which means, if the state tries to badger you, HSLDA and CLASS have your back. I'll put the link on. Good luck to you. Don't let people push you around. They don't have a leg to stand on.
are you a member of if you are run it by them some areas are trying to push parents to fill out forms they legally don't have to do

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