Homeschooling parents, I am looking for...?

Question:more resources-books and websites? I have two homeschooled children and a ton of links, but I am looking for some fresh stuff. I was wondering if you could share your favorites with me?

I do not really need ones that contain printable worksheets and the like, as I already have too many of them (if there is such a thing) saved. What I am looking fore is more along the lines of homeschool research, statistics, facts that override the common myths, as well as sites for homeschool parents to converse.

As for books, I would love some new reading material (for myself as well as some naysayers). Two of my favorites are Homeschooling: The Right Choice by Christopher Klicka and The How and Why of Homeschooling by Ray E. Ballmann.

What can you share?

THank you.

my mom homeschools me
Try these links to homeschool research sites. HSLDA regularly updates their site when new research becomes available.
Favorite books are
How Children Learn, John Holt, a classic but good
Coloring Outside the Lines, Roger Schank
The Unschooled Mind, Howard Gardner
Teenage Liberation Handbook, Grace Llewellyn
The Unschooling Handbook, Mary Griffith

Websites I don't keep up with, I just google a topic whenever it comes up.Sorry.
As for groups, I'm on several yahoo groups. Unschooling basics, Always Unschooling, FYI (which stands for funschooling young individuals), as well as some specific for homeschooling children with disabilities.
Here's something that disproves the most common myths and provides links to back it up at the end. :-)

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