How to get photo id for home schooled kids?

Where I live, we can make our own.
In most US states the city/county driver's license office (probate office) also provides State ID cards. Try calling locally to find out the particular requirements/rules/laws of your area. Good luck!
There is a company that takes care of Homeschool ID issues located in Tampa Fl.
They offer both Educator and Student IDs and will only cost you $8.95 ($9.58 for Fl residents) or $7.16 ($7.67 Fl) if you are a member of HSLDA.

Here is the info:
Homeschool ID
P.O. Box 271773
Tampa, Fl 33688
# 813-962-2256

The ID is good for 1 yr. There is a simple form that you fill out and send in with a picture ( I used a passport photo from Walmart) and your check and about 4-5 days later you will get your ID card(s). I was very pleased with them and they are renewable yearly.
Just call the number listed and they can answer your questions.
Check with the DMV, or your local drivers license station, often when you are to young for a drivers license they can offer you a state ID card.
For Home school student ID cards go to:
Here's one you can make yourself for free if you have a photo on the computer:
Go to the Department of Motor Vehicles they usually have an ID that is not a license but looks similar. This served my children well. Also depending on your public HS they may provide one with proper documents. But be careful with first anonymously. Ask at the library too.
you can make them yourself. The homeschool groups we belong to make them for all the students. Our state group has them for members as well.
Lots of options there.

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